Strength in Numbers

Hip Skeleton on blue background.






La fuerza, the vigor of life, rests deep

within cortices of bone.  In God we trust!

United we stand! 206 of them–

Yet they never work alone.


One spins and rolls, others slide n’ glide

stabilizing while others move.  Synergistic music

in harmony, as concave and convex beams groove.


There is no strength in solitude; In sturdy, compact

individual bone, when we’re made to fit–articulate, bear

weight, in a poetic skeletal home.



Benjamin Thomas





ALL ABOARD!  Calling all poets to catch the MUZE TRAIN.  ALL ABOARD!

Welcome to the first prompt of the Muze Train.  Hope you enjoy the ride.
So what exactly is this Muze Train anyway? Well I thought you’d never ask.  It’s one of my quirky attempts to spark the muse of my fellow poets and promote their good work.  But it does have a twist to it. In particular, a twitter kind of twist.  Yep. Twitter.  If you’ve never heard of twitter, or don’t have an account yet. It’s easy. You can go to http://www.twitter.com and set up an account in a minute or two.  All you need is an email adress. Easy right?

So the whole thought behind the Muze Train is to promote your poetry and facilitate participation and appreciation of the art of muse.  There’s no one better to do it than you. So let’s get started.

The process is simple. I’ll always begin the prompt with a stanza or “boxcar”.  The next person will follow and write the second stanza.  The third person becomes the caboose, and writes the third stanza.  Three stanzas complete a train.  Then the process repeats itself in a mad dash completing more trains.  We can make as many trains as we want!

Well probably have to start on the blog though. As it might take a bit to get the locomotive moving.  We can post stanzas in the comment section, and if you’re the caboose, you have to add the previous two stanzas to yours in the comment section by copying and pasting.  I  can then post all completed trains to my twitter account for more exposure and participation. Cool huh?

(For bloggers)

Part one:
1. Be courteous of others
2. Write poetry.
3. Comment.
4.  Have fun!

Part two:
Two ways to participate
1. Compose a stanza.
2. Like and add positive comments.

Part three:
1.  4 lines per stanza
2.  3 stanzas complete a train
3.  The 3rd person is always the caboose.
4.  The caboose combines all three stanzas and posts in the comment section and can post the completed train on their own blog.

(For twitter users)

Part one:
1. Be courteous of others
2. Write poetry!
3. Comment
4.  Have fun!

Part two:
A.  Four ways you can participate.
1. Tweet your stanza using the hashtag #muzetrain.
2. Locate other stanzas using #muzetrain and add your stanza to theirs by replying to them.
3. Comment.
4. Like and retweet.

B. Further rules of the rail for twitter users
1.  Each tweet represents a “boxcar”.
2.  Three stanzas or “boxcars” complete a train.
3.  The third person or stanza is always the caboose.
3.  In this case, if you’re the caboose, you can either combine all three stanzas and post to your own blog, using the #muzetrain hashtag or just favorite and retweet the train on twitter. 

So here it goes…
The first boxcar…

Prompt: The Key to the future

The future is ready.
We must create tomorrow’s gold,
and shape it like potter’s mold.
For the future is ready, for the taking.

There it is.

Have fun!

If you have questions contact me:

Board the MUZETRAIN!
All aboard!



Ok folks.  I’m trying something new here. So bear with me.  I can’t stop my creative muse, so I’ve come up with a few ideas for prompts.  Poetry prompts of course.  The cool thing about it is, your all invited! 

So my first category is called: Say it with muze(and yes, I misspelled muse intentionally) and the general “style” of prompt, if you will, is the news. One of my favorite pastimes is actually reading the newspaper. In this way we stay informed of events both locally and around the world.  In other words, the prompt will come as it relates to current news topics. Or old ones for that matter. 

So I’ll select something in the news, and you’ll write an awesome poem as your muse pleases. Hence the phrase “Say it with muze”.  Sounds great huh?

My best intentions in doing this; is to first, promote poetry, and provide a positive medium for poets such as yourself.  Are you excited yet?

Feel free to post your poem in the comment section or simply provide a link to your blog.  Also feel free to roam around as much as you like, and please comment on others poems.  It’s much more enjoyable that way isn’t it?  Alright you ready?  Here goes nothin’
(By the way I have other wonderful categories to be announced. So stay tuned).

Prompt 1

Today’s prompt will be on mourning. The world is mourning right now the loss of life in Paris.  I just saw a picture of a young woman from Cal state that is no longer with us.  Such a loss of life.
Personally, I’ve lost my dad, two grandmothers, and another family member within the last five years.
So your poem could be on grieving. The memory of a loved one, a tribute to Paris, or how the world is mourning.  However your muse takes you. 

Please be polite and mindful of others throughout the process. My only requirement is that you say it with muze.  I’ll go first. You ready?


We cherish and embrace,
the sacred memory of those
who were larger than life,
inscribed upon our heart.

The gravity of their love,
stately kindness,
exhibited humanity
from the start.

Although we don
the sadness of this grief;
clad and cloaked in pain,
we will gladly bear their image
upon our souls,
for with us they still remain.

Benjamin Thomas

You can also reach me at

Your turn!

Let know what you think.



If there were a grain of sand
for all the pain and grief endured
life would be a beach

If each and every tear shed
were written and read by all
the world would bulge with books

If we could see all the prayers
offered for every soul
those petitions would rain to heaven

If every person gained a pound
for every lie they ever told
the Earth would fall out of orbit

If every person had to be kind
in order get their sustenance
there would be global famine

If we every person truly loved
their neighbor as they loved themselves there would be paradise on Earth

Benjamin Thomas



Will you follow me
through the rainbow?
I utterly promise
flocks of ivory ravens
aurulent dreams
solid crimson foundations
and beryl beams

Let’s take to the sky
with trails of rich verdigris
ascendant on verdant wings
unto hidden realms
of jasper and rouge.

I promise
never to withold
the permeating light
but to fearlessly guide
into it’s everlasting vibrance

Benjamin Thomas



After today,
comes tomorrow
and the next;
like a stone
that rolls about
violently downhill,
against freewill,
not knowing
it’s final destination.

It rolls randomly free,
until it reaches
rock bottom.
For there in the still silence,
it finds it’s home
within peace and solidarity.

Benjamin Thomas


If I were animal
what would I be?
Perhaps sexy, horny
beast, roaming free.
Hearing nature’s wild,
breathing forestry.
Exploring the inner child,
so let me be.

Benjamin Thomas