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If I were animal
what would I be?
Perhaps sexy, horny
beast, roaming free.
Hearing nature’s wild,
breathing forestry.
Exploring the inner child,
so let me be.

Benjamin Thomas


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Heady Lions sprint through hoops, leading the pack in rumbling roars.
Acrobatic squirrels juggle little acorns tip their hats.
Rhinoceros in suit, bow tie and cuffs
Spins a ball on tip of tusk.
Spider monkeys sprawl and spring
While maintaining their balance.
Avid Kangaroo belly dancers quickly make a scene, draws a crowd.
A dozen timid does travel In a pack tiptoeing on hoofs.
Tuba shaped petunias sound their praise brightly in unison.
Red robins well-pleasing to the eye; in tight formation, bank left, right like a red banner in flight.

And the parade continues…

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(Every life has a definite nature, a distinct essence, and a particular form)

Why doesn’t sloth sprint like cheetah?
Cat bark like leaping hound?

Mice laced with feathers fancy,
Or with kangaroos feet abound?

Don’t teach the cardinal it’s beauty
Or finch the fineness of his perch.
Bluejay his moving antics.
Or worm to burrow beneath the earth.

Don’t teach peaches their sweetness.
Nor lecture bees to find their fill.
Vultures only know their swooping.
The ant only knows his skill.

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A calm crimson fox

creeps with the shadow

beckons furry  innocents

as an easy kill before

she preys mercilessly

upon them in their meekness

The preying mother returns spoil

to her craving young




April PAD Challenge Day 9:  Hunter poem

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