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If I were
broken vessel
that held no rain,
devoid of content
for none remained.
A blessed channel
then I’d be,
for life, growth

Then a broken vessel
I’d rather be,
for all of heaven
would flow through

Benjamin Thomas


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Catch me
in crystalline

My inward
parts exposed
in glassy

As you see
you’ll know the
of pain, exuded

the true self
leaked, protruded
out within lucent

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A relentless grizzly just behind the eyes;
an achy brain that begs for relief,
who’s the thug that stole my peace of mind? And replaced it with mischief?

A crowd of lumbar woes greet me, a gang of ailing carpals wish me good night,
two flat feet sizzle like bacon, my skin, the only thing that feels right.

A slow rumbled snore just over the shoulder, a gentle breeze at the foot of the bed. A faithful spinning fan seeks to console me, just as the days pages unfold in my head.

The stoic walls well encompass me,
with them there is no veil, no disguise,
The roof even seeks to cover me,
from the steady precipitation of my own eyes.

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Why hog all the misery?
When others are willing
to share it with comfort and care.

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A world without tears,
and the things that draw them, is
paradise on Earth.

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Why I Cry

I cry a stealthy tear
to release the pressures
pent up within me
Like a sage vintage wine
anticipating its discharge
from the bottle
dribbles of me
make manifest
stream down my cheek

I pray no soul
sees my strain
takes a peek
and spies the pain
in this weak vessel
strewn across
a fractured countenance
trying to prevent
a crumbling

But I cry if I must
to defy the gravity
of my pride
in fear that I may hide
then bust
or implode within

and all will see
hidden secrets
splayed open me
across the pavement
free game
for all

I cry in disgust
to shed parts of me
to the earth

I cry because its

I cry because
its healthy

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Tears of Joy



A tear for sorrow.

A tear for pain.

So many tears.

So much pain.

Where is my happiness?

Where is my cheer?

My soul cries out,

but can anyone hear?


Tears of  joy

from the source within.

Stream down my face

and drop from my chin.




(modified poem from the 90’s)

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