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Ok folks.  I’m trying something new here. So bear with me.  I can’t stop my creative muse, so I’ve come up with a few ideas for prompts.  Poetry prompts of course.  The cool thing about it is, your all invited! 

So my first category is called: Say it with muze(and yes, I misspelled muse intentionally) and the general “style” of prompt, if you will, is the news. One of my favorite pastimes is actually reading the newspaper. In this way we stay informed of events both locally and around the world.  In other words, the prompt will come as it relates to current news topics. Or old ones for that matter. 

So I’ll select something in the news, and you’ll write an awesome poem as your muse pleases. Hence the phrase “Say it with muze”.  Sounds great huh?

My best intentions in doing this; is to first, promote poetry, and provide a positive medium for poets such as yourself.  Are you excited yet?

Feel free to post your poem in the comment section or simply provide a link to your blog.  Also feel free to roam around as much as you like, and please comment on others poems.  It’s much more enjoyable that way isn’t it?  Alright you ready?  Here goes nothin’
(By the way I have other wonderful categories to be announced. So stay tuned).

Prompt 1

Today’s prompt will be on mourning. The world is mourning right now the loss of life in Paris.  I just saw a picture of a young woman from Cal state that is no longer with us.  Such a loss of life.
Personally, I’ve lost my dad, two grandmothers, and another family member within the last five years.
So your poem could be on grieving. The memory of a loved one, a tribute to Paris, or how the world is mourning.  However your muse takes you. 

Please be polite and mindful of others throughout the process. My only requirement is that you say it with muze.  I’ll go first. You ready?


We cherish and embrace,
the sacred memory of those
who were larger than life,
inscribed upon our heart.

The gravity of their love,
stately kindness,
exhibited humanity
from the start.

Although we don
the sadness of this grief;
clad and cloaked in pain,
we will gladly bear their image
upon our souls,
for with us they still remain.

Benjamin Thomas

You can also reach me at

Your turn!

Let know what you think.


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A mourning maple tree;
Attempts to mind
Her manners
When her leaves
Submit to season’s ground,
And She’s left
Exposed to the elements,
Her crown no longer found.

©  Copyright 2014
Benjamin Thomas

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A hint of
A healing rose,
Five petals red,
With somber hues
Settles the mood
Tinged of a dying soul.

Palatial favors,
Grant yellow
Rose spirited tones
Hungering for the eye of the beholder…
Bestowing boldly serenity’s gift
Deeply upon us but not imposed.

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Brother:  Dad, just passed…

Me:  What? When ?!?!

Brother:  About two hours ago.

Me:  Dear Dad,  I’m so sorry…. I couldn’t make it in time.

Me:  Rest in peace 😦

Written for November PAD Challenge Day 5 a text message poem

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The weeping willow

stands haggardly

with emaciated charm

her slithering limbs hang like

a sheath falling headlong

into graying dress

cloaking its crusted bark

worn brittle over the years

a hint of the days of old

memories explode

unto unbearable tones

piercing even to the roots

the fever of battle gone cold

distracted only by a timely breeze

her sleeves break into a soft rustle

and the mending continues…

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