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If there were a grain of sand
for all the pain and grief endured
life would be a beach

If each and every tear shed
were written and read by all
the world would bulge with books

If we could see all the prayers
offered for every soul
those petitions would rain to heaven

If every person gained a pound
for every lie they ever told
the Earth would fall out of orbit

If every person had to be kind
in order get their sustenance
there would be global famine

If we every person truly loved
their neighbor as they loved themselves there would be paradise on Earth

Benjamin Thomas


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Unfamiliar with self help madness
I learned to give thanks in bitter valleys
Where appreciation came at a cost
That was over-inflated and I was empty handed

The rigid notion of helping my hapless self was strongly detested by my conscience who once said “help thyself by helping others, shepherd the flock, go see your brothers” Was the best help for me

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