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After today,
comes tomorrow
and the next;
like a stone
that rolls about
violently downhill,
against freewill,
not knowing
it’s final destination.

It rolls randomly free,
until it reaches
rock bottom.
For there in the still silence,
it finds it’s home
within peace and solidarity.

Benjamin Thomas


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Rock Solid

Rock Solid

My heart is like tempered mortar

a cultured blend of upbringing

of song and sadness

of taut strings playing

a familiar sound

teemed with laughs

but sometimes fraying

oftentimes wishing

for a warm south wind

a blessing of current

come billowing in

at my command

rich inhale of draft

as it wiggles, wafts

and cements in my chest

all feeling, emotion

malcontents put to rest

latched it tightly

secure and spared from drama

to be a stone refrained of conflict

reaction or racket of mind

free of smile, rock solid without a crack

impervious to suffering

deceitful strikes, verbal attack

all earthly moods of variety

impenetrable without a trace

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