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Will you follow me
through the rainbow?
I utterly promise
flocks of ivory ravens
aurulent dreams
solid crimson foundations
and beryl beams

Let’s take to the sky
with trails of rich verdigris
ascendant on verdant wings
unto hidden realms
of jasper and rouge.

I promise
never to withold
the permeating light
but to fearlessly guide
into it’s everlasting vibrance

Benjamin Thomas


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Color this world a better place
where lavish evergreens run wild

Open wide with sustaining grace
the mighty gates of freedom

Liberating her green hills in haste
with the passionate thrill of release

Stand and give
a starving world a better taste
of vibrance it so desperately needs

Be the seeds
of hope
and cloud on the day of rain
captivate a dried earth
from her barren pains

Be a solid rainbow
after the storm
in primary wisdom
illuminate the norm

Color this world
a better place

Stand up
give it a better taste
of vibrance

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