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If there were a grain of sand
for all the pain and grief endured
life would be a beach

If each and every tear shed
were written and read by all
the world would bulge with books

If we could see all the prayers
offered for every soul
those petitions would rain to heaven

If every person gained a pound
for every lie they ever told
the Earth would fall out of orbit

If every person had to be kind
in order get their sustenance
there would be global famine

If we every person truly loved
their neighbor as they loved themselves there would be paradise on Earth

Benjamin Thomas


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Will you follow me
through the rainbow?
I utterly promise
flocks of ivory ravens
aurulent dreams
solid crimson foundations
and beryl beams

Let’s take to the sky
with trails of rich verdigris
ascendant on verdant wings
unto hidden realms
of jasper and rouge.

I promise
never to withold
the permeating light
but to fearlessly guide
into it’s everlasting vibrance

Benjamin Thomas

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After today,
comes tomorrow
and the next;
like a stone
that rolls about
violently downhill,
against freewill,
not knowing
it’s final destination.

It rolls randomly free,
until it reaches
rock bottom.
For there in the still silence,
it finds it’s home
within peace and solidarity.

Benjamin Thomas

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If I were
broken vessel
that held no rain,
devoid of content
for none remained.
A blessed channel
then I’d be,
for life, growth

Then a broken vessel
I’d rather be,
for all of heaven
would flow through

Benjamin Thomas

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Little girl closed her eyes and breathes the fresh air in the park.

I cannot pick the next breath I take,

whether cumulus of happiness or debris of hate.

For the air that enfolds us all is critical for survival.

Although parts of me escape, into this wild oneiric celestial blue.

I practice to inhale deeply, hidden, mystic parts of you.

Therefore no one can divorce themselves

from this mutual espousal of breath.

For we all are at rest, within this marriage cloud of human life.

Whether peace or strife, pleasure or pain.

All leave their stain in the cloud.

Its true, whether we walk or run we always owe a debt.

But as we pluck the next breath, it subtly transforms us

by the weapons of its fare.

So this I love; an expandable view of intrinsic air,

a reciprocity of pneumatic food, energy, and path we share.

Benjamin Thomas

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Broken dreams

lay splintered 

scattered shards

lie forgotten 

forever bound

to disgrace

never to rise again 

nor see the height of day

a slow fading of mist

with substance of fog

a mere passing away

of cloud on the 

day of rain

water that seeks 

out no root

a mockery of soil


in the midst of heat

into senseless 


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No one can escape the ghost
who seeks the broken
and torn of heart
But may our hearts
thrive being the engine
that generates rampant joys
feasting and flowing with laughter
lest we lose our way
and our veins run empty
becoming lifeless sacks
of flesh ready for pick up.

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