Old man Jack

Image Credit: We Heart It

Old man Jack



in the wayward back country

tucked away in his haggard old shack

set in ruin

His mind still vibrant

a little cracked

but keen as a whip

 thwarts the decay

the atrophy

encompassing him

He sits

in silence basked in solitude

with pen in hand

mortar in the other

builds his peace

writes his soul

to the wind

pens his pain

reigns the ink

sends  his joy in prose

to the page

flows his sorrow in verse

whether blessing or curse

until the end

when heart runs dry

the ink subsides

the story

is finished

longer hides

and his old story



Copyright ©  2014

Benjamin Thomas


Published by Benjamin Thomas

Book & audiobook blogger, reviewer, interviewer, book nut, lover of the writing community, and endlessly curious person. Oh yeah, and writer.

7 thoughts on “Old man Jack

  1. What we make in our moments as the seasons pass, perhaps some will survive, yes perhaps a story, or two might be shared. I’d like to think some of what Jack penned, is still out there somewhere in a dry dust covered corner waiting to be found, just like the house that Jack built is still around. Dreams, and yarns, all I can say, top writing, Benjamin.

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