Old Grandma Grittle

Old Grandma Grittle

And then there was ol’ Grandma Grittle…

she had the spitfire spunk of ten men

with a mortifying diligence

and work ethic to die for

an old stubborn steam engine that never rusted nor quit

but never let you down

well acquainted with sweat, tears, and elbow grease

the daily ointment that rubbed all our fears away

that’s why we fancied her nickname  “old anchor granny”

such a foundation stone to all the little Grittles, boys and gals

even at the ripe old age of ninety-five

boy was she a firecracker, still on fire in her own right

steadfastly emanating, manifesting her love’s light

she planted a solid spine and humility into all of us

relishing the time she had with all her children

grandchildren, and yes,

great, great grandchildren

claiming each one as her own

her bright wings large and far-reaching

expanding the extent of the whole family

fully seasoned wisdom

sage and judicious

a war veteran demanding the full weight of her gravity

we learned never to pull her trigger

although she didn’t refrain

from cracking the whip with a quick flick of her wrist

she never hesitated to spray us with a timely smile

our faces would swell with laughter

strengthening our chain


unbreakable bond

Published by Benjamin Thomas

Book & audiobook blogger, reviewer, interviewer, book nut, lover of the writing community, and endlessly curious person. Oh yeah, and writer.

40 thoughts on “Old Grandma Grittle

  1. I would like a “super like” button for this one. The love shines through, and I’m sure you were writing about a real granny. The picture is beautiful, such a happy smile.

  2. This is wonderful. Women like Old Grandma Grittle are priceless treasures in our lives. They instill such great standards to strive for but all through the gift of love. Their light shines so bright and is unmistakable.
    What a truly lovely read first thing in my morning.

  3. If only we all had an ol’ anchor granny to, “steadfastly emanating, manifesting her love’s light/she planted a solid spine and humility into all of us,” this is such a great character development, Benjamin!! I really enjoyed reading this…happy day to you!!!

      1. I hear you….I was struggling just now trying to get to poetical peeps…morning is such a better time for this. Thanks for saying so though, I appreciate that! 🙂

  4. As a whole, the shape could be a key, or the slot a key fits into. Your Granny is a key to the life of all those Grittles. I loved this read. Thank you.

  5. I’ll bet we all have known at least one ‘granny grittle’, the memorable and feisty old woman our mom’s took us to visit, or we worked with, or had as a neighbor…and you can’t help but love them….

  6. So sweet and fun 🙂 I definitely know an “old grandpa grittle”, and this was just perfect!

  7. We’ve got an older gal now in her almost in her 90’s – just a tad slower than she once was but that spark when allowed to flair…sometimes others feel the need to quell those with less physical agility. But then ‘She’ did pass along some of the responsibilities she wanted others to handle. I don’t think though that that gave other family members the right to sometimes squash her spirit.
    She plugs along…resisting change, and yet adapting just the same.

    Only when you have time for a visit…no rush, I’m here:

  8. Your poem is so real and finely done. Must be a real Granny behind this somewhere. Those old gals had to be made of tough stuff to survive and then to teach us all how. Thanks for this.

  9. Granny definitely has gumption! Thankfully my family has lots of those loving but tough as nails matriarchs to keep us in line, hope they’ve passed on enough for a few of us to step up and show our Grittle when the time is right. Wonderfully written, Benjamin!

    1. Hey Walt! Yes, had one granny in mind for this one. She had some character to say the least. Been slacking in the garden, I’ll try to crank out my poem tonight…

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