Lebron beast mode

The King can dunk
fiercely with the best,
as he spins, maneuvers
delivers, beats his chest.
He sprints like cheetah,
but is sly like cougar.
Always hungry for the net;
he’s a beast released,
a stallion breaking sweat.

Eye Candy

As rain drizzles down luxuriantly;
esuriant eyes soon bask,
in her fresh dew…hopes it lasts.

For creative bloomings
Englyn penfyr poetic form
3 lines of 10/7/7 syllable count
Rhyme scheme

Inner Chambers

My inner chambers
were sealed,
shut within.
Heavily guarded
by mistrust.
But you,
were given
the hailed

If I were a urinal,
I’d be pissed.

But if I were a pair of lips,
would I be kissed?

If I were a fleeting thought
would I be missed?

If I were a sightly mug
could I be gripped?

But if I were steaming coffee
I’d better be sipped!

If I were a car

If I were a car
I’d drive myself

Head for the hills
on cruise
lean back lazy

Hug every curve
slip into the valley

But I’m much to slow
for life in the fast lane
let alone an alley

If I were a broom

If I were a broom
I’d seriously
all the dirt
fallen between us
and remove the layer
of littering dust mites
that have settled
upon our conscience
infected our perceptions
and clouded our better judgment

I’d find
the hidden corners
that lay buried deep in the darkness
neglected in our relationship
and bring them into the light
Hoping to make these places bright
On my knees washing with a little love
Never again turning my back in that direction but cherishing daily
cleaning with scented affection

Then and only then
could I sweep you
off those feet



I have no dealings

with the famed beast.

As far as the west

is from the east.

They say he devours

poet and he,

who writes words

so delightfully

He gathers them quick

for hors d’oeuvres

plucks and chomps

until they’re served


He sinks his teeth

deep into their will

shreds and tears

as they lie still

I have no dealings

with the beast.

As far as the west

is from the east.



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